We help build enduring web 3.0 communities

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Your community is your community’s most valued asset.

Moat accelerates the growth of the Web 3.0 ecosystem, by helping communities solve efficiency and growth problems quickly and effectively.

Our Skills

We are a group of experienced community experts, creating unique value, and building lasting communities.
Compensation and Incentivization
Information Management
Bot Design and Deployment
Treasury Management
Token Creation

Our Services

During this process a team of community experts will review your community processes. We’ll review your onboarding procedures, incentive structures, marketing, governance and voting, information management and automation practices. We’ll process this data and provide you with actionable steps to improvement. With the ability to help you implement these steps right away.

Community audit

Community setup

Just getting started? Great, it’s much easier to establish processes early on. We’ll help lay the foundation for your community. Setting up your onboarding processes, token creation, governance, treasury, incentive programs and bot network.

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If you are looking to build an enduring Web 3.0 community. One that will endure. One that will create unique value. One that will be your moat. Then reach out.
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